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  • Are the Avians / Sphere Beings are of the Central Race?

    No, They are not what has been referred to as "The Central Race". They do not come from a Star System or Star Cluster within our Density or "Reality". These beings come from the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Density Realm that is not through a stargate, dimensional rift or out of phase star system. Their "Reality" or Density/Realm is on another plane of existence than our own. From what I have been told what has been referred to as "The Central Race" is a 4th/5th Density group that is much closer to our 3rd/4th Density "Reality" and they still depend on Technology. The Sphere Beings are apart of a "Confederation of Higher Density Beings" who are being of Service to Others and assisting lower vibrational/density beings in their "Transitions" to the higher vibrations/densities. I have received all kinds of emails stating they are the "Velon", "Annunaki" and "Reptilians" that are "Masquerading as Angels" or are known 4th/5th D Groups that are traveling here from the Central part of our Galaxy on behest of the "13" to assist "US" in breaking free from the "Custodian Gods/Aliens" who have ruled and manipulated our existence for melinea... I want to be very clear and go on record that the Sphere Beings have communicated to me that this is not the case and they are not only not affiliated with these other groups mentioned but have "Refused All Communication Attempts" from these groups as well as "Various Human Groups". Thank you for giving me an opportunity to clear this up once and for all... Hopefully.

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    02 4月 2015
  • One "Source" says the Sphere Being Alliance is a part of the "Andromeda Council" & their spheres make up part of the "Sphere Alliance". That the "Blue Avians" are Annunaki ("Annuans") from the planet "Nibiru". How can this be if they are 6th Density?

    This is the second question in a row on this subject.

    This "Source" is mistaken,

    The group they mention is not related to the Sphere Alliance nor would they be from the same Density. These spheres are not physical craft as this source describes. I do not know how to make this more clear.

    The "Andromeda Council" is not apart of the "Sphere Alliance" which is a group of 5 6th - 9th Density beings. They are not here to evacuate the planet in Spheres nor are there here to save us, or directly interfere in our affairs.

    They also stated that the Blue Avians were "Cousins" of the Anunnaki and were from Nibiru. These beings do not originate from any physical location in our time/space or Galaxy/Universe.

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    26 6月 2015