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  • Who created us?

    In just one of the "UN Type Federations" that was the Human Types of "Off World" Beings Only there were 22 Groups with 22 competing Claims of creating the "Current Human Species".

    It was all quite confusing for the scientists as all of them had offered scientific proof of their genetic coding and manipulation. It was obvious that there was a base humanoid being that had been augmented genetically for many thousands of years by many groups (Much more than the 22 present at this one Conference, Some were Off World Groups that were said to "Not Exist Anymore").

    This is confusing enough before you start to add the other information from the "VERY Non Human Types of Off World Groups" who had their own "UN Types of Federations" that were attended and presented the very same data.

    In the end it was really decided it didn't matter who all had tinkered with our gene's or contributed their own genes to our own. We were a distinct and different species and had developed an extremely "Wide Spectrum of Emotional, Spiritual and Consciousness" Abilities that These beings were "Jealous Of" (Many were now attempting to splice them into their own genome) and afraid of us realizing our full potential of. This was also true of the "Secret Earth Governments/Groups" who worked to keep us ignorant of our abilities and dumbed us down and continue to do so. They use our "Co-Creative Abilities of Shared Consciousness" against us using it as the basis of their "Magic" in some cases and as weapons against their enemies in other cases.

    They will do anything to keep us ignorant of these abilities and to keep us from developing them. Right now Consciousness is rising faster than they can keep up with in the general population and they have been considering very drastic measures to knocking it back "Down" as many of you have heard stories of... The boggy may stories of the Illuminati are based on a lot of these plans and actual idea's to reduce population and cause mass chaos to cause us to go into survival mode and stop paying attention to all of this consciousness and spiritual enlightenment information that is seeping through out the minds of humanity because of their closer connections to their higher selves (Most people are not even aware of what is going on or that they are more connected to a higher self as the "Dumbing Down Campaign" has been pervasive).

    25 11月 1973